Sunday, December 13, 2009

Your Internal Performance Strategy

If you have answered NO to any of the above questions you probably are not running a proper and consistent internal performance strategy. The mind drives the body in dominant thought ... and using the medium of communication - language, our thoughts, what we think about literally becomes our reality.

"Thought permeated substance creates reality" -Ernest Holmes

This is otherwise known as the internal strategy. Athletes, performers attempting to take their performance to a new level in to the Zone of Peak Performance Zonewill have to break through these self imposed barriers. This requires the athletes, performers to understand that it is a proper internal strategy that permits excellent performers to display ease and simplicity in the execution of seemingly difficult operations.

A proper internal performance strategy enables excellent performers to focus and to use all the available information necessary to perform the task effectively and efficently.

This proper internal performance strategy used by high performers to muster this highly state of  consciousness can be uncovered in the performance. It can then be fine tuned or a new strategy can be elicited from a peak performer and transferred to the performer desiring a proper internal strategy performance. This is only one of the wonderful tools I have learnt over the many years of working with Masters .And so, now ask yourself "what is my internal strategy?"

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