Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pockets of Through Time Kinesiology (TM)

PTTK custom builds mental rehearsal routines using the sequence of the athletes/performers learning startegies representative systems critical modalities and the advanced PTTK level one and two menu systems. This is done through muscle testing with unconscious ratification. Atletes/performers can now make the best use of training time.

When it comes to a match race game or performance performers need to keep their concentration and access their energy motivation and peak performances otherwise they will not be able to express their physical skills fully.

Being aligned on all levels is critical.PTTK insures that internal training is likely to be the deciding factor in the contest between two top players, two top teams or in an audition or try-out.

There used to be no qick fix short magic incantation or potion which could give the mental toughness to a performer. With PTTK that has changed.

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