Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Inner - Expression: Sport Mental Training

Inner - Expression: Sport Mental Training

Sport Mental Training

Sport Mental Training can be usefully divided into long term preparation, career goals,training schedules, and short term preparation i.e mental and physical training for a particular match, race or competition. These short term goals need to be aligned with the long term goals. Finally there is the game or performance itself. The key skill will be performing at one's best and keeping concentration. PTTK is extremely useful in all these.

Peak Performance for a performer cannot be analyzed completely consciously, there is always the creative synthesis that happens within the moment coming from the unconscious. Mental rehearsal too cannot be done with completely conscious techniques. It will also involve unconscious learning without conscious awareness.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Colli K Christante

Colli K Christante

Inner - Expression

Inner - Expression

Human Mind including body cannot not operate

There is a view shared by any experts, that mental training is done just once in a lifetime and then becomes an automatic way of thinking and feeling and behaving. Others say mental training must be regular, serious, hard (meaning concentrated not not difficult) as physical training, although it will never consume the same mount of time.

"Use it or lose it" seems to apply in mental and physical worlds. However, this seems to imply that mental training is separate from physical training. It is utter nonsense to presuppose thatone could take place without the other. This form of thinking only serves to to maintain the notion of mind/body division and necessarily leads to lack of precision to anyonewho holds such a belief and applies this to sports performance.

Human mind including body cannot not operate.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pockets of Through Time Kinesiology (TM)

PTTK custom builds mental rehearsal routines using the sequence of the athletes/performers learning startegies representative systems critical modalities and the advanced PTTK level one and two menu systems. This is done through muscle testing with unconscious ratification. Atletes/performers can now make the best use of training time.

When it comes to a match race game or performance performers need to keep their concentration and access their energy motivation and peak performances otherwise they will not be able to express their physical skills fully.

Being aligned on all levels is critical.PTTK insures that internal training is likely to be the deciding factor in the contest between two top players, two top teams or in an audition or try-out.

There used to be no qick fix short magic incantation or potion which could give the mental toughness to a performer. With PTTK that has changed.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

No Substitute for Stamina

The obvious starting point is that there is no substitute for physical fitness, stamina and concentration.
To become a top performer requires regular and serious training. Those at the top of their field will  practice hours daily. This deals to a large extent with physical skill.

However, with any skill, the old saying, "garbage in, garbage out" may be a factor. If you spend 8 hours daily practicing as a basketball player, hockey player, golfer, dancer, singer etc with technical fault you will get very good at the technical fault.

Technical coaching and mental rehearsal (proper internal performance strategy) beforehand is essential to get the clearest possible representation of good technical skill.

My work, PTTK aligns logical levels, which include environment, behaviour which includes language-senses-movement, experience base, capabilties, values,beliefs, identity and overman using the whole person integration which is a holistic approach to aligning our body, mind, emotions and creative energies.

Dr. William James who coined the phrase "Stream of Consciousness", said that the new psychology of tomorrow will be metaphysics.PTTK is ...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Not the Same

Language and Techniques ... they are  not the same thing

"Language develops the mind, influences the body, shapes your world and as such is one of the most pwerful forces in our lives. Since we are producers of our language, we are co-producers of our reality. Perceptions shape language and language shapes perception, and so it is that language shapes our lives." Chris Hall.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Language and Techniques

Okay ... before I write the content that really belongs in this  blog I am compelled to comment on the interview that was done with Tiger Woods in Australia just days before his exposure.

There are no such things as accidents. Tiger's accident happened to awaken him and expose his truth to free  not only him but Elin. In the interview he was asked if family has always come before golf and he blatantly says yes while his body language is screaming no. We do not need to be the Lie to Me detective here. His language is saying one thing and his head is moving in in the opposite.

It is so refreshing to know he is human and that Elin and Tiger will now hopefully find out who they really are and become Masters of their truth not the truth they bought into through others.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Your Internal Performance Strategy

If you have answered NO to any of the above questions you probably are not running a proper and consistent internal performance strategy. The mind drives the body in dominant thought ... and using the medium of communication - language, our thoughts, what we think about literally becomes our reality.

"Thought permeated substance creates reality" -Ernest Holmes

This is otherwise known as the internal strategy. Athletes, performers attempting to take their performance to a new level in to the Zone of Peak Performance Zonewill have to break through these self imposed barriers. This requires the athletes, performers to understand that it is a proper internal strategy that permits excellent performers to display ease and simplicity in the execution of seemingly difficult operations.

A proper internal performance strategy enables excellent performers to focus and to use all the available information necessary to perform the task effectively and efficently.

This proper internal performance strategy used by high performers to muster this highly state of  consciousness can be uncovered in the performance. It can then be fine tuned or a new strategy can be elicited from a peak performer and transferred to the performer desiring a proper internal strategy performance. This is only one of the wonderful tools I have learnt over the many years of working with Masters .And so, now ask yourself "what is my internal strategy?"

Next - Language and Techniques are not the same thing.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Magic Key

The magic key ... to be in the moment, realizing it is moving, not static. To be is to move with the process of the universe as it unfolds in you and you in it.

Is the voice of intuition speaking clearly in you? So clearly there comes the time it is unerring, absolutely unerring in it's guidance? Have you made the connection yet?

Could you go as far as to say you hold the magic key?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Expose Yourself

You never have to prove yourself ... all you need is to expose yourself. Truer words never spoken.In light of the recent activities and unfolding of Tiger Woods life I feel compelled to speak from my my truth, through the work I do with peak performers and athletes.

 All of us start with this inner conflict between the power drive and our inner nature. We all have a percentage of it. The stronger the personality, the more conflict there is between the love and power side of our nature. All that we do that is right and helpful for others, the whole foundation of a satisfying relation to your family, your wife, your husband, your friends, comes from the love side of your nature. But a determination to be dominant over others, to rule them, to decide how they shall live, is on the power side of self - deification. And until that is surrendered the protection of calm is denied to us.

It is in my personal opinion that what has happened and is happening to and in Tigers world has been coming for quite some time. He was raised by a very strong and powerful man with a military background. There may have never been much space for anything other than perfection. He seemed to always have to prove himself.  Perhaps, he could never just be who he really is.

When Tiger's father became unwell very few people knew this truth. There was a bit of disturbance in Tiger's performance. It was not always easy for him to get into the Zone. His values were shifting. In the work I do with athletes, assisting them in to the Zone, if  any of the logical levels not aligned this cannot be attained.There are 7 steps to get into the Zone. If there is conflict or any incongruence one can not get in. When working with athletes or peak performers we align these levels through the 7 steps.

During Tigers fathers unwellness Tiger's values had to be shifting. How could they not? This was a man for good or bad whom he adored.Then came the passing of his father. Major shift. In some ways there would have to be moments of surrender and release. Tiger no longer had the pressure to perform up to his father's expectations but at the same time he had to learn to surrender to being his own person rather than who he had been raised to be BUT who was he? For the first time he may have faced this.

For a very short time the space may have been filled with his concern for his mother, his first child, the return to being in and Owning the Zone, pressure from media, sponsors, fans and if that were not enough then to learn of a second child coming may have pushed him into having to prove himself  or be approved of in another way.

In speaking with male friends they tell me that when they have one child in their life they do not feel too left out but when another comes along shortly after the first they feel abandoned. There seems to be a need for a 3-4 year gap between the children. If not, the man may feel left out. It does not matter that a woman can afford a nanny, botox, liposuction, the best of the best. The man still feels left out.Call it being human.

The great poem of struggle of Prometheus and Epimetheus presents the temptation of the power side of human nature. It speaks of the inner urge we have toward spiritual expansion, and the constant conflicts our egos present in the desire to dominate the lives of others. Richard Strauss has put it into music and so has Listz in Les Preludes and so has Jan Arden in Insensitive

It is the basis of Greek tragedies, the spiritual center of Dante’s Divine Comedy. In his visit to Heaven and Hell, in the poem, Dante presents the two sides of human nature - the superconscious and the subconscious.

This is how I assist performers and athletes. In making the unconscious conscious. It is removing the psychological idea you carry about you. The beliefs that are not yours but rather the ones you have been subjected to by others. Those beliefs do not fit you but rather they are your ball and chain. I assist people in releasing that ball and chain so for the first time they have access to their own beliefs.In accessing your own beliefs you can create what is true for you - your truth - not the truth. That is true release.

In order to release some of this pressure he may have rebelled against all he suppressed for so many years.

We all have shadows. We all need the light to expose the dark. If we do not know how, then the universal intelligence and wisdom that flows through us will. It is for our best and highest good. It may not feel that way when we are in the eye of the storm but when everything settles it is nothing short of miraculous.

And so, when we have had a long history with someone, or something it is often challenging to release that relationship, perhaps person or position from our lives and yet, if we want something good to come into our life, we have to make a space for it.

Just like you, Tiger and his wife Elin is a valuable person. Tiger, Elin can design and create their own life, and they deserve the best that life has to offer! First, they must make surrender to exposing themselves rather than having to prove themselves and then accept space for it to happen ... Space is being created. How will Tiger fill it? How will his Elin, how will YOU?

Friday, December 4, 2009


A sixth sense is attributed to certain athletes/performers by their teammates, coaches, fellow performers and opponents. This intuitive capacity is a composite of several sensory modalities and abilities. Modalities include  timing, knowledge of the opponents style of play, muscle memory, subliminal perception and practicing to use the right brain hemisphere, otherwise known as the creative area more frequently, thus sharpening our senses with regular quiet periods we awaken our intuition.
Then we must learn to speak to the presence that filters through as intuition, and be aware that it is just as conscious of us as we are aware of it, since it is a very real part of us - is as us. As we recognize it, it recognizes us.
It knows, corresponds, and responds and flows through us as our INTUITION.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Have you and do you maintain a love for your performance?

Could you go as far as to say "nothing in my life compares to the ecstasies I get from my sport/dance/performance?"

Do you experience being alert but free from thoughts? Are your senses upright? Saluting?