Saturday, December 19, 2009

No Substitute for Stamina

The obvious starting point is that there is no substitute for physical fitness, stamina and concentration.
To become a top performer requires regular and serious training. Those at the top of their field will  practice hours daily. This deals to a large extent with physical skill.

However, with any skill, the old saying, "garbage in, garbage out" may be a factor. If you spend 8 hours daily practicing as a basketball player, hockey player, golfer, dancer, singer etc with technical fault you will get very good at the technical fault.

Technical coaching and mental rehearsal (proper internal performance strategy) beforehand is essential to get the clearest possible representation of good technical skill.

My work, PTTK aligns logical levels, which include environment, behaviour which includes language-senses-movement, experience base, capabilties, values,beliefs, identity and overman using the whole person integration which is a holistic approach to aligning our body, mind, emotions and creative energies.

Dr. William James who coined the phrase "Stream of Consciousness", said that the new psychology of tomorrow will be metaphysics.PTTK is ...

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