Saturday, April 3, 2010

NLP and the task of capital "C" ... beginning with guiding and caretaking

Levels of Support for Learning and Change—A Roadmap for Large “C” Coaching

The task of the capital “C” Coach is to provide the necessary support and “guardianship” which help clients to successfully develop, grow and evolve at all these levels of learning and change.
Guiding and Caretaking
Guiding and caretaking have to do with providing support with respect to the environment in which change takes place. Guiding is the process of directing a person or group along the path leading from some present state to a desired state. It presupposes that the “guide” has been there before, and knows the best way (or at least a way) to reach the desired state. Being a caretaker, or “custodian,” involves providing a safe and supportive environment. It has to do with attending to the external context and making sure that what is needed is available, and that there are no unnecessary distractions or interferences from the outside.

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