Sunday, March 21, 2010

Large "C" and Small "c" coaching

Large “C” and Small “c” Coaching

Clearly, personal coaching, executive coaching and life coaching provide support on a number of different levels: behaviors, capabilities, beliefs, values and even identity..

There is another level, that can best be referred to as a spiritual level. This level has to do with people’s perceptions of the larger systems to which they belong and within which they participate. These perceptions relate to a person’s sense of for whom or for what their actions are directed, providing a sense of meaning and purpose for their actions, capabilities, beliefs and role identity.
These new and more general forms of coaching—executive coaching and life coaching—can be referred to as capital “C” Coaching.

Small “c” coaching is more focused at a behavioral level, referring to the process of helping another person to achieve or improve a particular behavioral performance. Small “c” coaching methods derive primarily from a sports training model, promoting conscious awareness of resources and abilities, and the development of conscious competence.

Large “C” Coaching involves helping people effectively achieve outcomes on a range of levels. It emphasizes generative change, concentrating on strengthening identity and values, and bringing dreams and goals into reality. This encompasses the skills of small “c” coaching, but also includes much more.

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