Thursday, March 4, 2010

Always been there

We all have patterns fixed within us in the same way designs we can't scribble over or erase. By going back in time we can find what is timeless in us, what is enduring and not just ephemeral. We discover that we aren't just a particle but also a wave that starts out at sea. Right this moment I am looking out over the sea and really understand  how the whole universe is in us that we are not a part of the universe but it is completely in us and then we express it.

Calls (inner expressions) fit into these patterns, and they grow out of them. In a sense patterns are calls. They are what we have always felt the compulsion to do, for better or for worse, whether it is to say a certain thing, create or re-create a certain experience, serve a certain cause, or solve a certain problem.

They are where we have worn footpaths to and from issues in our lives. The dream that won't go away is a call. What is your calling?

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