Thursday, January 7, 2010

Passion and Presence

Before continuing on with more content in this blog I want to take some time out to answers questions regarding the benefits of PTTK. Below are some of the benefits of PTTK:)

Assists in awakening intuition in the performer.

Integrates mind/body so that the mind is not agitated and the emotions are not in turmoil ... there is extra room for extraordinary peace, sense of power and the transcendent of joy in your sport/performance.

Promotes integration of right/left brain that ensures hemispheric coordination when challenged to movement, allowing you to stay in the Zone.

Integrates, balances the central, governing nervous systems, right/left brain, mid brain, brain stem,and CIA
An integrated whole brain allows the nervous system to function at low stress and maximum optimal performance.

Allows the athlete/performer to break free of old negative survival patterns ... using their own positive patterns that keeps the body balanced.Includes methods of developing Ki, relaxation,letting go, concentration,breathing activity so you the athlete/performer is congruently integrated resulting in accessing extraordinary strength, speed, endurance, balance, ease, and psychological confidence.

Provides a means of stripping institutional lies and myths that encrust the individual.

Unveils a creative joining of capabilities ... will power, awareness, imagination,emotion,the senses,the intellect and motor control harmonious for optimal peak performance.

Balances negative emotional patterns that inhibit ultimate cooperation between the body and mind.

Helps the performer develop sensory acuity so that the athlete/performer can discover the inner secret of sport/performing so they do not consciously have to plan how to act instead one lets the appropriate response happen to them.

Assists the athletes/performers identity, the sense of self mastery and power and to learn to use it with skill so it can be expected to recur and its coming to be counted on ... in individual sport, competition and performance.

PTTK aligns logical levels of alignment which include environment, behavior, which include language, senses, movement,experience base, capabilities,values,beliefs,identity,overman, giving the athlete/performer the feeling of being in control. A unifying experience involving the performers entire sense of self, the environment, higher creative self, master of his/her destiny.

PTTK aligns and balances ego (ambition) and soul (mission). Passion and presence naturally emerge when these two forces are in harmony with one another.

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