Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Surrogate Testing

Surrogate testing is a method kinesiologists use when someone can’t physically participate in the session or when a part of the body isn’t able to function like it should. When testing on a surrogate person permission must first be sought from the person being balanced. The client being balanced then touches the surrogate person whilst the surrogate is tested to find out where the client’s chi blockages are. The client then receives the corrections, not the surrogate. Using a surrogate structure or part of the body simply involves asking the body’s permission for that structure to surrogate. For example the right anterior deltoid muscle could surrogate for a broken left arm.

My first experience of surrogate testing proved beyond a doubt that this particular modality was phenomenal. I watched as my friend’s (who was surrogating for me) testing arm - normally quite vague for her yes/no responses – started acting as my own, giving very defined yes/no responses as my own arm normally does. A person can be tested even if they’re not physically in the room! (Permission must be given of course.) This experience for me was evidence enough of the power of what I was learning.

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